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SEO Vs PPC For Dental Practices: Which One Should You Choose?


The days of searching through phone books to find the closest dentist and dental practice office are long gone. Patients nowadays use search engines online like Google to find local dentists. Potential clients often visit one of the first dental websites on the search engine result page (SERP).

Well, online traffic is the lifeblood of any online endeavor. The traffic volume a website can send to its pages can impact your success. But how should a dentist improve the search traffic on their website? Well, the distinction between dental SEO and PPC provides the solution.

What is Dental SEO?

Dental SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of increasing the value and quality of your website to get more qualified search traffic. Search engines direct patients to websites with the information they need. Additionally, these search engines employ algorithms and bots to choose websites shown on the SERPs that online users see.

The chances of your dentistry website appearing on SERPs increase if you optimize it to comply with these search engines’ guidelines. Patients are more likely to click on your website if it ranks higher on these pages. When someone types in a dental-related search query, dental SEO tactics attempt to make it more likely that they will locate and visit your website.

Dental SEO- A Boon for The Dentistry Business Online

You must know that a business without a digital presence might not prosper much. For instance, you had to shout your message to the people using flyers, direct mailers, local TV, and radio advertising, depending on your budget, to reach potential patients. However, you no longer need to look for patients since people are increasingly information searchers rather than information consumers due to the internet’s accessibility and convenience.

Why Choose Dental SEO?

Dental marketing is fundamentally the business of luring in, interacting with, and keeping patients. Some reasons to choose dental SEO are:

  • Easy On The Pocket

Dental SEO is a more affordable option than other dental marketing methods. It involves employing language, graphics, and style on your website that adhere to search engine guidelines. Other dental SEO components include guest blogging, link-building, and evaluating your site architecture.

  • Has a Long-Term Effect

The adjustments you make when you optimize your website for search engines result in consistent search engine traffic to your website. Your website will continue to appear in search engine results pages if it is active and complies with its guidelines. Dental SEO has a long-lasting beneficial effect on your marketing initiatives and business objectives in this way.

What Does Dental PPC Include?

Your optimization plan might need to be revised because the search engines’ specifications are subject to change over time. Therefore, PPC, another less time-consuming digital marketing method, is worth considering.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a tool for directing customers essential for efficiently managing an online business to websites. A business (your practice) initially gives Google an advertisement and a budget for ad spend that can be used.

A searcher who enters relevant terms will get search results and adverts known as Google Ads (formerly AdWords), which resemble search results except for a little label that reads Ad.

What Does The PPC Service Entail?

Since you are paying for relevance rather than earning a search query, audience targeting through pay-per-click advertising is simpler than audience targeting for organic listings. You have more authority over the terms you want to bid on, the areas where your adverts should appear, and the audience you want to reach.

  • PPC is a paid search engine marketing.
  • The tactic provides quick outcomes and works well with keywords.
  • Results from PPC are quantifiable and traceable.
  • You must continually test and modify your advertising to achieve the maximum return on investment.

It is simple to modify your campaign as necessary and track ROI due to the same customization that makes it possible for PPC to target the ideal patients for your dental practice at the perfect moment.

Why Choose Dental PPC?

PPC is a useful tactic for boosting patient leads. Reasons to choose PPC are:

  • Has an Instant Effect

Results from a PPC advertising campaign can be seen instantly. Target patients should begin using relevant search engines and clicking on results that include your ad within minutes of airing. Therefore, PPC marketing is excellent for campaigns promoting the sale of goods and services. Additionally, the strategy involves seasonal advertisements.

  • Finds Your Perfect Clients

PPC marketing strategies target customers who submit search terms or place bids on keywords. Before beginning a PPC ad campaign, you must choose the keywords you want to bid on and use them as a criterion for the visitors you want to drive to your website.

  • Makes Speedy Experimentation Possible

PPC is designed to provide quick feedback. You may build up a campaign, do A/B testing, and track the outcomes to determine what is effective and what is not. In contrast, SEO takes time, making it challenging to pinpoint a single adjustment or approach as the cause of success or failure.

PPC Vs SEO: Who Wins?

PPC costs more than your dental SEO plan, even though it is a highly targeted marketing approach that quickly impacts your business objectives. Therefore, it might not always be your chosen method of digital marketing.

SEO is a long-term approach due to the time required to establish and observe results. PPC is a relatively short process that offers a speedy turnaround when getting potential patients to view your practice on page 1. PPC incurs costs over time, whereas SEO does not. 

PPC and SEO: Get The Best Of Both Worlds!

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are efficient strategies to enhance website traffic because you cannot drive traffic or the target audience to your website if they are unaware you have one. They provide your company online visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and connect with your target audience when used together.

  • Increased SERP Coverage

Your business shows up for advertisements and organic search results if you combine an ad campaign with an SEO strategy. You can increase SERP coverage by optimizing the website and its content, writing material with pertinent keywords, constructing backlinks from relevant websites, and utilizing structured data.

  • Increasing Brand Awareness

Using SEO and PPC in tandem to raise brand awareness has many advantages. For starters, doing so can assist in spreading your message to a larger audience. Utilizing these strategies can also aid in boosting your website’s traffic and search engine rankings for brand- and solution-based keywords.

  • Coverage of Keywords

Becoming more visible for your target keywords is one of the main benefits of combining SEO with PPC for your dental business. You are at the mercy of search engine algorithms if you solely use SEO. It implies that you may achieve high rankings for a particular keyword one day and then fall several positions the following.

Summing Up

PPC and SEO are complementary and effective when used together. The effectiveness of a website can be significantly improved by combining these two tactics. As a dentist business, you constantly seek methods to increase your profits and beat out the competitors. One approach to achieve this is using SEO and pay-per-click advertising to increase your chances of showing up in search engine results. Additionally, combining SEO and PPC will help you better understand your target audience and their needs. Explore the services provided by Adjet Marketing today if you want to learn more about raising brand exposure.

Felix Shaye, director of AdJet Marketing in Dallas, Tx.


Felix Shaye

Director of AdJet Marketing Dallas.

Felix Shaye is a Google Certified Expert and Google Partner with over 25 years of SEO, digital marketing, and full-stack computer science experience.

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