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Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert all website viewers into paying customers! Boost your sales and improve your brand recognition by boosting your conversion rate. Use AdJet Marketing’s expertise in conversion rate optimization for your digital services and witness your viewers become your loyal customers! Ready to create an efficient conversion rate optimization strategy?

An overview of conversion rate optimization

Simplify achieving goals with a strategy that is built for success.

Launching your website and integrating search engine keywords and tactics is the first step in your digital marketing strategy. These are ways to generate interest among your potential users. The next step is to convert these interested candidates into your business customers. For simplicity, digital marketers worldwide use conversion rates to understand how many interested candidates become potential customers.

Conversion rate optimization is the simple process of increasing the percentage of conversions. For example, if 100 people visit your website per day, and only 20 are going through the checkout page, the conversion rate is 20%. A marketer will use conversion rate optimization tactics to boost this 20% to 40%, 50%, or higher while keeping 100% in mind.

Conversion rate optimization is a systematic process. Marketers test all parts of the website page to determine which factor discourages the user from taking this next step. This includes testing not only the interactive elements but also testing the content, website design, call-to-action buttons, and even pop-up videos and ads. 

The process aims to determine factors that discourage users from taking the next step in the marketing funnel, such as purchasing the product, sharing the website on social media, or even adding the product to their kart. The “desired action” or “next step” depends entirely on the type of business the website is. For an e-commerce store, the next step is purchasing the product, but for a food blog, the next step is sharing the article on Facebook or Instagram.


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Integrate conversion rate optimization metrics!

While the definition of conversion rate optimization remains the same for all businesses, how optimization is done changes for all, the optimization and conversion rates are measured in metrics that vary from business to business. As a business owner or a marketer, you can choose one or more of the following conversion rate optimization metrics for your business.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is defined as the percentage of visitors who visited your landing page but not any other page. This can be used to gauge the optimization of your landing page.

Entrance rate

Entrance rate is the percentage of users who visit your website through external sources, for example, a social media post. This can be used to gauge the success of your digital marketing campaigns on other platforms.

Click through rate

Click-through rate is the percentage of people who viewed your ads and decided to click your website link. This metric can be used to determine whether your ad is convincing and relevant.

Pages per visit rate

The number of web pages an average person visits before closing your website. This can help you understand whether your web pages make a good impression or not. It can also be used to fine-tune content and SEO.

Page load time

Page load time is the time taken by your website to load. Websites that take longer to load are perceived to have a poor user experience. If the page load time is long, a user is unlikely to visit your website again.

Return on investment

The return on investment is a diverse metric and can be used to check your marketing investment. The return on investment, while financially helpful, cannot be used individually to understand the success of your marketing campaign.

Leads generated

Leads generated is the metric used to understand how many users have shown interest in your brand and want to buy the product. This metric is useful to understand what part of the website discourages a user from taking the next step.

Website traffic

Simply put, website traffic is the number of online users who visit your website per day. Website traffic can be used to gauge the success of any marketing campaign, including social media marketing campaigns.

Exit rate

The exit rate is the percentage of users who leave your website after visiting another page. This can be used to determine which web page is performing poorly and discouraging users from making a purchase.

Cost per conversion

Cost per conversion is a metric that shows how much you spent to get a new customer. Most conversion rate optimization tactics are focused on helping you reduce your cost per conversion.

Boost your conversion rates

Conversion rate optimization is necessary for any marketing strategy in today’s competitive environment. Given the importance of this strategy and the various conversion rate metrics, it can become difficult to create a unique optimization strategy. However, partnering with the right conversion rate optimization agency can make a significant difference.

As a recognized conversion rate optimization agency, AdJet Marketing can help you customize a conversion rate strategy that ensures your conversion rates are boosted. By utilizing our end-to-end optimization services, you can boost your conversion rate and make the most out of the traffic your website receives.

AdJet Marketing is an established digital marketing agency that provides exceptional, customer-centric solutions for all businesses, regardless of size and location. Our [#] years of experience guarantee that you will have the best team to help you build your brand. We focus entirely on moving your audience to the next step in the marketing funnel.

Ready to enlist the help of our experts to build your business? Contact us immediately to find the perfect conversion rate optimization strategy for your website!

Marketing conversion rate vs. click-through rate

Know the difference between the tactics to unlock growth.

Marketing conversion rate and click-through rate are two distinct metrics that are often confused with one another. While the names of each sound similar, each of them are used for a different purpose. Don’t know how to use these rates to evaluate your conversion rates, why not hire the experts at AdJet Marketing?

Basis Marketing Conversion Rate Click-through Rate
What is it?

Marketing conversion rate is used to understand what percentage of users complete the desired action. For example, how many users who see the “follow us” button on your website actually click the button? As mentioned above, there are many metrics through which you can check your conversion rate.
Click-through rate is the percentage of clicks your advertisement receives. For example, if your advertisement is shown 50 times and it is clicked only once, then the click-through rate is 2%. Click-through rate is a type of conversion rate. Therefore, there are no other sub-metrics in this category.
What do you use it for?
The aim of conversion rate is to check the success of a page or content at convincing the user to take the action. This can be any type of action including following social media accounts, making purchases, sharing the business profile, etc.The aim of click-through rate is to determine the success of your campaign at generating clicks. Click-through rate is specifically used for links that redirect users to business websites, social media and other platforms.
How do you calculate it?[Total number of completed goals / total number of website visitors] x 100[Total number of clicks / total number of impressions (or views)] x 100.

Focus on a metric that determines your success

Conversion rate optimization is designed to help you boost growth.

Acquiring your customer’s interest and directing them to your website is difficult in this competitive market. However, this is only the first step. Next, you have to convince them to follow your business and purchase your products. 


Most businesses spend an extensive amount of money and time on search engine optimization tactics to drive users to their websites. But what’s next? Generating traffic does not boost sales. Instead, you have to convert these viewers into customers. Conversion rate optimization is an important tactic to achieve this.

Without conversion rate optimization, you cannot understand what encourages or discourages a user from choosing your product. By integrating conversion rate optimization tactics in your business, you can achieve the following:

Make data-driven decisions

Conversion rate optimization includes heat map testing and user behavior testing, which can help you make data-driven changes to your website.

Outpace your competition

When you optimize your website regularly, you can be sure your website will be the first one recommended by any search engine. This will help you beat any competition and get ahead in the race.

Develop a customer-focused business

When data-driven decisions are taken for your business, your website will focus on the needs and likes of the customer, making it more attractive to potential users.

Improve your marketing results and ROI

Conversion rate optimization allows access to user behavior analytics which can be used to fine-tune marketing campaigns to increase the return on investment.

An efficient conversion rate can simplify problems

For many inexperienced marketers, conversion rate optimization is just another added expense that doesn’t yield results. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Conversion rate optimization allows businesses to make data-based and customer-based decisions. These can help you solve problems like:


  • Managing over-spending on marketing campaigns.
  • Miscommunicating the brand’s message.
  • Difficulty in adapting to changing consumer habits and likes.
  • Difficulty in adapting to industry trends and developments
  • Unable to find a unique value proposition for the business.


If you have been struggling with these problems, an efficient conversion rate optimization strategy can help you solve them! Reach out to our conversion rate optimization experts today to find brand-specific conversion rate optimization strategies for your business

AdJet Marketing – An agency dedicated to your success

Solutions that reflect your unique brand value.


AdJet Marketing has over [#] years of experience in providing digital marketing services. We provide end-to-end marketing services designed to help you build your brand’s digital reputation. With a team of [#] experts in-house, we provide comprehensive solutions for all businesses. 


We have provided conversion rate optimization services for over [#] years and understand the ins and outs of all requirements. Our clients have seen exceptional success after implementing our conversion rate optimization strategies.


  • [#] Conversion rate optimizations completed
  • [#] Organic traffic increase
  • [#] Increase in sales per quarter


We chose AdJet Marketing because of their glowing recommendations. The team was exceptional at handling the project from the get-go. Transparent, innovative and creative solutions were provided from the beginning and I am deeply impressed with how our traffic and conversion rates have increased in the last two quarters.

At AdJet Marketing, our goal is to help you build your business. Don’t make a mistake when choosing a conversion rate optimization partner for your business. Select an expert that knows what they are doing.

What sets us apart from the crowd?

A breakdown of AdJet Marketing’s conversion rate optimization services


The first step in our conversion rate optimization services is a detailed audit. We use comprehensive industry tools to understand the interactions taking place on your website and the current conversion rate of your website.

A/B Split testing

A/B testing is conducted to gain in-depth information about your website's performance and the online needs of your user base. The testing includes individual testing of all CTAs to check their success.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics and other tools are implemented to gain insights into the engagement metrics of your website. We analyze your bounce rate, page views, average session duration, and average traffic to gain detailed insights.

Heat map testing

A unique technique used by very few, heat map testing gives an insight into how users view your website. The results are used to determine what content or which pages are favored and which are ignored. This testing can help you identify pages that are performing poorly and update them accordingly to improve your conversion rate.

Website design and development

A unique website design is developed based on the above four steps. We conduct strategy sessions with our clients to determine their unique value proposition and integrate it into the website development. We have a team of in-house web designers who excel in creating unique websites.

Search engine optimization

Content you have already integrated on your website is optimized according to search engine optimization guidelines to increase traffic. Our familiarity with SEO rules will give you an edge over all customers. We integrate SEO services to help you build traffic while simultaneously engaging existing customers.

User behavior analytics

We develop personalized landing pages for your business in this stage. Different landing pages are tested to determine which page yields the highest conversion to the next step in the funnel.

Website accessibility testing

The developed website is tested and modified to make it accessible for all. Internationally recognized rules are implemented to ensure the content is easier to read for all viewers.

Optimized content development

Unique content is developed and updated on your website at regular intervals to keep your customers engaged and boost your conversion rate. Our in-house SEO experts enrich the content with semantic keywords to boost SEO at the same time! We provide all types of content development, from promotional material to blogs and articles. Ready to take your customers to the next step? Find out how we can help!

Why prioritize AdJet Marketing for your project?

Proven experience backed by dedicated employees.

AdJet Marketing has years of experience in providing conversion rate optimization services. We have collaborated with businesses from all verticals and sizes to help them gain a competitive edge. Our services stand out because:

Fully managed web services

We offer comprehensive digital marketing and content development services to help you establish an exceptional digital presence. We offer a one-stop service for all your digital needs.

Tailored conversion rate optimization strategies

We create unique, custom conversion rate strategies for all businesses. Our goal is to create strategies that focus entirely on your brand's unique selling point.

Expert support

Our team includes some of the country's best marketing and conversion rate optimization experts. Leverage this expertise to build a stronghold for your business.

Well-rounded approach

AdJet Marketing utilizes our expertise to provide holistic solutions for all challenges. We leverage our experience to provide you with solutions that align with your brand vision and develop traffic seamlessly.

Continued updates

Conversion rate optimization is not a one-time strategy. When you partner with AdJect Marketing, we will help you regularly update your website and content to maintain and upgrade your conversion rate!

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