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Dental Practice SEO

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The dental industry in the United States is growing fast, thanks to new technologies and changes in how dental practices work. In 2023, most dentists worked alone in their own practices, mainly because they could make more money that way. But now, there’s a shift happening towards group practices and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs). These group practices are getting more popular and are expected to grow even more in the future. This change is happening because it’s more efficient and profitable when dentists work together in groups.

Technology is playing a big role in this growth. Artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing are changing the way dentists do their jobs and making things better for patients into 2024. AI helps make dental treatments more effective, and 3D printing makes it easier and quicker to create things like braces and other dental devices. Also, the dental implant market in the U.S., which is worth $1.1 billion, is expected to keep growing every year. This shows that more people need dental services, especially as the population gets older. Dentists are also using the internet more to teach patients about dental care and to manage their relationships with patients. This not only improves the quality of dental care but also makes it easier for patients to get the help they need. Right now, the U.S. dental industry is worth a lot – $162.1 billion – and it’s not just about making money. It’s also changing to focus more on providing better care for patients and using new technology to make dental visits easier and more effective.

Example of a Standard Dental SEO Plan

Expert Dental SEO Agency

"From Rankings to Results: It's not just about Traffic, it's about the Right Traffic. Remember, visitors with intent are 99% more crucial than window shoppers!"

Expert Dental SEO: What's Included and Do We Get To Intent?

  1. TRAFFIC: First we need to add content that Ideal Clients want to see. Dental Content Plans (DCPs) are created internaly to guarantee traffic to pages.
  2. RANKING: As pages begin to rank on Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo, we tailor internal links to focus energy onto your service pages.
  3. FOCUS: Improving Mobile on page experience is the #1 most overlooked element in SEO. If your content, presentation, offer doesn’t speak and move a potential patient to act, then you must continue improving until a higher percentage do.
  4. LASER FOCUS: We begin tailoring page content, titles, meta descriptions and content to help key pages rank for “High-Transactional Intent” Keywords such as “Dentist Near Me”, “Best Dentist in Dallas”, or “teeth veneer cost in Arizona”.
  5. D-E-E-A-T: We must exceed Google’s guidelines. Dental “E” Expertise, “E” Experience, “A” Authority, and “T” Trustfulness.
  6. EXPERT SEO: What sets us apart is that we are a Google Partner with Expert Dental SEO experience.

"Treating Mobile Page Experience like an afterthought in SEO is like using a beeper in 2024 – hilariously outdated and a surefire way to get left behind in the digital dust."

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