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Award-Winning Local SEO.

Today, almost every person searches for a local business online before heading to the market. And within a very little time, the local businesses they encounter online are the ones whose store they visit to purchase the required items. 


Search Engine Optimisation is very important for your business to reach the maximum number of consumers in the fastest possible time. Therefore, to make sure that your online business provides you with a widening consumer base and increasing revenue, you should use the best local SEO services.


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Local SEO explained

An online business can help you generate a great number of leads or traffic, which adds up to your sales. The process that makes your business appear in the top search results of most potential customers in your business’s locality is known as local SEO. 


If your business is small or medium-sized, and you want to attract customers who scroll through online websites before buying a product, you should use local SEO.

Factors that affect the ranking of local SEO

When we talk about Google advertising, various factors affect the rankings of your search, such as- 


  • Domain authority of your website
  • Experiences of the users
  • Link signals
  • Use of Keywords
  • Click-through rate
  • The rank of your website on the Google Business Profile listing
  • The consistency of the Name, address, and phone number of your business
  • The quality of the local search citations
  • Reviews about your business and its quality, diversity, and velocity

Local SEO- The important steps

Various steps, if followed correctly, can help you with local SEO. Some of these steps can be seen below:


  • Targeting the keywords of local SEO
  • Optimization of Google My Business
  • Managing your online reputation
  • Adding on-page SEO elements to your content
  • Building links on your website
  • Optimising the local landing page of your website
  • Content marketing according to Google’s local SEO
  • Local search citations


AdJet marketing is here to guide you with expert help so that you can master the art of ranking on your respective search engine amongst your target audience.

Give a boost to your revenue

AdJet marketing is an award-winning local SEO company that provides you with local search engine optimization requisites. With our guidance, you can increase your local SEO ranking and score, regardless of the geographical location you are present at right now. 


We are dedicated to our clientele, and our process not just includes doing local SEO for your website and business but also teaching you step by step how you can put in efforts to improve the ranking of your website. 


Whether you are looking for one store to publicise or a range of branches at multiple locations, you can entrust us with the responsibility of providing you with higher rankings for your business’ website. Come with us, and together, we shall take your website to a higher level. 

Significance of local SEO

You might not be sure why local SEO is such an important task for you to accomplish. However, with the rising competition, you do not want to be left behind at any cost. Therefore, if beating your competitors and making your business thrive to reach success is your utmost priority, you must incorporate local SEO practices into your online business. 


A study has shown that stores and businesses believe that local search has the most pressing impact on their customers compared to all other digital marketing efforts combined. 


The benefits of using local SEO practices have been mentioned below:

  • The outreach of your business in the local community strengthens.
  • The local SEO ranking of your website is increased. 
  • A greater amount of website traffic can be targeted. 
  • The listing of Google my business is optimised. 
  • You are entitled to local business citations of high authority. 
  • You can conduct digital marketing campaigns locally with a multi-channel approach. 
  • You are prone to receive more inquiries regarding your business through phone calls or emails from prospective clients. 
  • The sales revenue of your business is increased. 
  • Your website receives more foot traffic. 
  • You can build up a loyal customer base who conduct repeated business with you.
  • Your reputation in the online sphere faces a boost.
  • The visibility of your business on Google Maps also increases.

Google My Business- importance in local SEO

Google My Business, now known as Google Business Profile, is a tool provided by Google for marketing and is free of cost. With the help of this tool, marketers can manage the information of their brand on the internet. They can see how their brand’s information is displayed on their marketing platforms- Google Maps and Google Search.


The most important business details, such as the NAP of your company, operational hours, website link, customer reviews, et al., are visible here, so that customer prospects can conduct searches helping your business outreach. 


Reasons, why it is an important part of your local SEO efforts, can be seen below: 


  • It helps you drive the engagement of the customers.
  • It lets you have potential customers generate real revenue. 
  • It allows you to build your brand recognition. 
  • With Google <my Business, you have a chance of being a part of the Google Local 3 Pack. 
  • You are entitled to the latest news and updates regarding your website and other important things. 
  • You are provided with accurate information and statistics related to your business. 
  • Your online credibility boosts. 
  • You can gain the trust of the customer. 
  • You can easily manage your online reputation. 
  • You can convert qualified leads and traffic into customers and revenue. 
  • You can get targeted exposure for your online business. 


Therefore, you must add google My Business into your local SEO practices so that the credibility of your brand reaches new heights. Here at AdJet marketing, we help you make full use of our Google My Business optimization service so that you can benefit the most.

How we work- local SEO services of AdJet marketing

The strategies that we teach in our marketing agenda can be seen below.

Keyword Research

Auditing your local SEO is very important, and we do this task thoroughly to gain important insights and create a local SEO checklist for you. Apart from that, we take care of many other factors related to your business, such as its location, service areas, listing on Google My Business and NAP visibility, etc.

E-commerce SEO

It is evident that before going out to receive any service or buy any commodity, most people prefer to conduct an online search regarding the same. Therefore, we provide you with the best local SEO services, which help you gain customers within the locality of your business. We target geography-based audiences and keywords so that your local business citations can be built and your online reviews managed.

Franchise SEO

This task is significant to ensure the consistency of your business if your business has a presence in different parts of the country or the state. We help you promote every local business franchise on your website and social media profiles.

Local SEO Audit

A very important part of our marketing strategy is extensively researching keywords and then analysing them so that we can organise them based on search intent, based on factors such as geographical location, nature of your industry, etc. In accordance with our research and analysis, we can help you build up the content of your website in ways that can help you rank better locally.

Google My Business SEO

We help you manage your page on Google My Business so that the online information of your brand is not outdated and is complete. We provide you with services such as local optimization in Bing and Yahoo, and Google my business. Our motive is to make sure that the image and tone of your brand remain the same on every business profile located in any location of your business.

Business Citation Management-

Citations are just like a reference of your business on the webpage of any other business or website. We help your business gain references from sites or business web pages of high quality to increase the traffic on your website. We also add your business information to directories of local businesses, such as Yelp, MojoPages, FourSquare, etc. Based on your business type or industry, we add your business information to niche directories to represent your business online with the maximum impact.

On-Page optimization

We optimise the content and metadata of your homepage with SEO practices so that it has a high rank in your service area. Local business schemes are also applied to your webpage by our team of experts to ensure that the search engines can easily grasp your brand information and target locations.

Link Building

Link building is a task that helps improve the representation of your website and your business on the internet. We create hyperlocal SEO landing pages, make additional keywords with high relevance to your domain, launch campaigns of email outreach, and help you build up your local SEO citations.

Content Writing

We are an award-winning local SEO company with some of the most amazing and experienced content specialists. Features such as guest blogging, keyword optimization, local site content optimization, etc., are added to your website's content to make it more SEO friendly. The goal of the content produced by us is to direct more traffic towards your website.

Online Reputation Management

Reviews given by customers about your business can be a great factor influencing potential customers to visit your store. Our strategy includes acquiring the best reviews from the most loyal customers and teaching the best software for posting on your website.

Advertising local business on Nextdoor

Having a good reputation on Nextdoor is very important for more traffic on your site as well as your store. We help you maintain a good brand image on Nextdoor by optimising your business profile on the platform so that your reputation is intact.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our company provides you with many services, ranging from creating city pages, building service pages, making your website mobile-friendly, filling up your local SEO checklist, etc.

Local SEO services and lead generation

Lead generation is the most important part of any business. With a great marketing plan, we can help you generate never-ending qualified leads so that the sales and revenues of your business can expand. Local SEO is the medium that transfers leads to your website or your store. 


There are many elements that help in the process of lead generation. The task of utmost importance is increasing the awareness of your brand and driving organic traffic to your business website. If the visibility of your website increases on the internet, the number of prospective clients will also automatically rise. 


Today, local digital marketing is regarded as one of the best ways of lead generation, according to the B2B marketers. The conversion rate can reach up to 14.6 percent of the total leads with the correct strategy.

Tips for lead generation using local SEO


There are a few things that you should keep in mind while drawing out the strategy for lead generation using local SEO efforts. Some of them are-


  • Audit and analyse local SEO regularly
  • Research keywords for your content based on location
  • Optimise your content and your website
  • Create effective city pages
  • Make your presence in searches like “near me”
  • Keep track of your local SEO ranking
  • Keep your sitemap updated
  • Make your site mobile-friendly
  • Build up and implement an effective SEO strategy
  • Make sure you know your audience quite well
  • Make sure there are no broken links-internal or external
  • Have a good backlink strategy for your website
  • Indulge in partnering with Google My Business agencies


However, every business cannot spend the time or effort or does not require professional knowledge about all these tasks. Therefore, to ensure the success of your business through online marketing, you need to choose a great company that provides local SEO services to help you gain leads that excel in quality and quantity. 


Schedule an appointment now and allow us to teach your website with the best local SEO practices, to help you generate leads and create sales, thus expanding business to another level.

Why choose Adjent marketing?

Adjacent marketing is an award-winning local SEO service provider with years of experience in the industry. Our team works hard to match your expectations and builds strategies for your business that greatly impact your online presence, sales, and revenue. By handing over the task to our team of experts, you can feel free of the weight on your shoulders regarding the marketing and publicity of your brand. 


We come with some great tasks and services in-store to help your business outreach touch skies.

Pocket-friendly SEO services

We try our best to make sure that every potential customer in your locality searching for a relevant service lands up on your page. We do so by making the perfect use of SEO practices, keeping in mind your budget and willingness to spend.

Consultation with the Experts

We intend on keeping you up to date about our plans, strategies and their results and impacts on your website. We have experts who will be dedicated to your business and will guide you in regarding everything you need to know and everything we need from you to make your goals turn into reality.

Google Analytics Report

We regularly track the performance of your website, identify issues and errors and consequently improve our work.

Guide to Local SEO

Apart from doing the job ourselves, we also guide you on the basic SEO practices and their impact on your website.

Elements of Local SEO

As you have read above, all the important elements and practices that are important to increasing your local SEO rankings, you can make sure that the company you choose for marketing your business uses these practices. Partner today with AdJet Marketing and see your presence on the internet rise day by day, taking you on the path of increased leads, more sales and revenue, and un-ending success.


We also provide you monthly summaries about your website, its statistics, what is being done and what needs to be done. You can object to anything, and we are happy to make the necessary changes according to your liking.

What to look for in a local SEO Service provider?

Before selecting for your business a local SEO service provider, you should go through some aspects of the company which will help you decide if it is the perfect choice for you or not. 


The company should be transparent about its prices and the inclusions as to what they will offer for that price.


Based on your business' size, type, locality, and other related factors, you need to choose a company that can provide you with a package that fits your marketing needs.


It is obvious that more experience means more reliability. You should be well aware of the company's experience in the industry. You can also go through their previous records and reviews from previous clients.