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The content writing industry is soaring, with the varied types of content being produced in the market. The utmost flexibility and development in the content market have paved the way for different paradigms in the companies, being able to use the content as a marketing tool for their industry.

Understanding this demand of the ever-changing growth, AdJet Marketing is always updated with its skills and knowledge. We support a spectrum of industries, from small to big businesses, moulding ourselves according to our patrons’ needs. Our client-friendly approach and efficient staff make us be at your beck and call.

Our staff is a mixture of experienced and young writers who offer different writing styles; technical, creative, brand management, etc. We believe in SEO still being a very effective tool for digital marketing. We offer SEO like Local, Franchise, and Technical according to what would help your company burgeon.


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Why should you employ our service?

We believe in a long-term association with all our clients with our customer-centred approach as our motto is building relations for life. With our willingness to mutually grow with our clients, we assure you of accountable and reliable work. These are a few of our paraphernalia qualities that would definitely help in creating a long-term bond with us

Full-service marketing industry

Being self-reliant and fully equipped is what we stand by. We have our SEO, which helps us in marketing our website. We are not dependent on any external agency to provide us with smoke and mirrors to help us market.

Content for any industry

The variety of the businesses and the sectors are way too wide in the market. Shoes, clothes, IoT, business intelligence, etc. Each of them has its modus operandi to grow its market. Respecting this ideology, our team is always well researched about different brands and their requirements.

Support hundred of business

We have been in this industry for quite a lot of years, and during this time, we have come across a multitude of agencies approaching us. Some of them are education, firm, health, and manufacturing. We have different agencies and services in these umbrella categories like credit cards, counselling, nursing home, plastic surgery, etc. Helping you reach the right audience is our goal, and we grow mutually as aforementioned.

Focus on clients' relationships and results

There are so many industries which provide all ham and no let services. They promise to give you a village, but in the end, they don't do their work and don't give you the desired results. At AdJet Marketing, we offer a made-to-order service and a blank state approach when meeting a new client. With the willingness and the curiosity to learn, we are extensively client-friendly.

Flexible and adaptable

Being in the market for so long, we are robust and versatile with our style. We believe in a tunnel that paves the way to so many kinds of writing styles.

Feedback loop

A good collaboration is one with mutually enriching goals. This is when one party benefits from the other and vice versa. AdJet Marketing practices this very religiously. We first understand from the client what they want, give our suggestions, impart information about the services we provide, and after incorporating both, we set off to checklist our clients' requirements and get ready to roll.

Versatile Team

As aforementioned, our staff is a mix of all age groups. We have relatively more experienced staff, and we also have the youth who help us with the out-of-the-box designs. We follow professionalism to the bones, timely deliveries, and professional work being our other principles.

Services we offer

We have a repertoire of services under our umbrella. This could be in the form of different kinds of SEO, website, content marketing, and social media platforms. The various SEO designs that we provide our technical SEO, local and franchise SEO; websites our custom website design, and web hosting

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

We have a repertoire of services under our umbrella. This could be in the form of different kinds of SEO, website, content marketing, and social media platforms. The various SEO designs that we provide our technical SEO, local and franchise SEO; websites our custom website design, and web hosting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our experts follow the best practices to compile SEO-friendly content to increase the footfalls in your company. We assure you of higher visibility. Our team of experts is well versed in white hat SEO practices and is experienced in researching keywords for better SEO. Sit back and leave us with the task of getting you higher organic rankings. We will conduct both on and off-page optimisations and get you the best leads for your company. Apart from increasing your leads into conversions, we also help you keep track of all activities through Google Search Console.

Franchise SEO

Enjoy seeing your brand's reputation reach greater heights using our Franchise SEO services. We study and understand your ideal prospects and service locations to create the best road maps for you. We create ideal franchise marketing plans to organise and optimise your businesses. Among our services is the optimization of your business listings, publishing of your blog posts, as well as the geo-modified service pages. Your brand is assured of positive online reviews collated after reaching out to your business clients. Sit back as we manage, promote, and grow your brand name for higher ranks and standing in society.

Local SEO

Local stores and online businesses are the top searches among consumers. If you are one of them, be assured that customers will call or visit you within 24 hours of searching for your services. AdJet Marketing’s services are the best way to build a link between online searchers and your local business. We keep track of prospective leads as per your location and connect you with an ever-growing number of customers. We maintain the NAP, your name, address, and phone number, so a smoother and faster connection between your business and your clients, which is a high 88% of the online searchers.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is an essential tool for your company's growth. It increases the crawlability and indexability due to a structured format and structured data on your website. This also improves migration and site speed. Our experts track your HTTPS status and run crawl reports on your data and website. We also organise information by addressing issues of duplication.

Link building

It's always useful to have paid advertisements, sponsorships, and collaborations on your web pages. These not only attract more traffic but also increase your credibility. Customers trust you more when they see the content by these collaborators while they read about your business. AdJet Marketing uses strategies like guest blogging and publishing influential content on your pages. Watch your sales increase manifold through our application of data-driven infographics.

Web design and development

A well organised and attractive web page is always crucial in getting more clients. Let us design these pages for you with a call to action (CTAs) to simplify your content to reach out to more people. We prepare search engine optimised websites for you by avoiding carousels and rotating sliders. Your online visitors will find it easier to reach out to you. Rely on us to customise for you.

Why Choose AdJet?

Experience & Results.

Custom website design

We use WordPress to customise websites for you to suit your personality and needs. Our ongoing site maintenance ensures ADA-compliant websites. We highlight the uniqueness of your business and keep it at the forefront.

Social media marketing

We understand your goals and dreams and help you fulfil them. We study and analyse the behaviour of your online customers as well as competitors alike so that we keep you ahead in the race always. Our data analyst team creates the optimum social media campaign for you through our best strategies to help you be number one.

Pay per click or PPC management

With AdWords certification, our experts are experienced in offering data-driven PPC campaigns for you. These include targeted ad copies, bidding strategies, ROI monitoring, and device tracking techniques. We help you grow as you connect and reach out faster to your online clients.

Video production

Videos are a powerful tool for reaching out to and attracting clients. Videos have a story to tell about your business and are more effective than any other advertising. We create SEO optimised video content for you with great scriptwriting, motion graphics, and video editing.

Content writing

Businesses increasingly employ content writers to speak for them on various public platforms. We write effective, informative, and interesting content for your pages. At par with Google standards, we write attractive and eye-catching headlines, keywords, and descriptions for you. Our grammatically correct content uses effective tools to create powerful and vivid images in the reader's mind.

Online reputation management

Businesses, both old and new, thrive because of the reputation they create among their clients. We partner with Rize Reviews to take care of your online presence by monitoring the reviews and responses on your pages. They always remain positive with our services around.

Amazon marketing services or AMS

Businesses today are looking for Amazon SEO, Amazon PPS, Amazon storefront, and Amazon branding. We lower your advertising costs of sales and, at the same time, ensure that your pages have the optimal search keywords so that Amazon is your marketing partner.

E-commerce marketing

Our round-the-clock e-commerce SEO and e-commerce PPC solutions help generate 23% YoY revenues for you. Some of the strategies that we offer to you include improvements like more product reviews, optimised product pages, and personalised marketing strategies which suit your customers the best.

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO

It is important that the online visitors to your online pages get converted into customers and do not just remain as prospective clients. AdJet Marketing offers Conversion Rate Optimization services so that it is conveniently viewed and visited on various devices like mobiles too. The content is clutter-free, crisp, and simple. We prepare secure and simplified payment processes and user-friendly interfaces to make customers happy to visit you. This gets you more conversions.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a popular means of getting more clients for you. The reach out is vast and faster. Email marketing campaigns have the advantage of personalised newsletters to avoid getting into spam emails, and the readers read them. We track the list of your subscribers, your potential clients, and your online visitors too. We help you reach out to them as quickly as possible for possible conversions.

E-commerce web design

AdJet Marketing is an e-commerce company that knows the needs and requirements of its clients very well. Since your business is online, we ensure that your websites look attractive, simple, clutter-free, and reachable to customers. Studies show that well-designed web pages attract 35% more definite clients. Our services will see that lesser people leave your websites without purchases and also that you have a competitive edge over others in the market.

Web hosting

Web Hosting is something that all our clients enjoy because AdJet Marketing offers credible services. We monitor and track your network activities and provide one of the best web hosting services. We keep your business running by maintaining your websites so that there are no hitches and glitches. We offer system backups, networking monitoring, and restoration for a smooth process. We keep your web pages malware-free by scanning and removing any malware found. We also have services like file management and WordPress acceleration. You can use other services like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) prevention and free Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate for secure sites. Don't worry about clutter and heaviness, as we give unlimited bandwidth and data transfer for large data files.

Why are digital marketing services becoming indispensable to businesses everywhere?

We have a repertoire of services under our umbrella. This could be in the form of different kinds of SEO, website, content marketing, and social media platforms. The various SEO designs that we provide our technical SEO, local and franchise SEO; websites our custom website design, and web hosting

Increased Engagement and SEO Rankings

The digital advertising and online marketing landscape have had a seismic shift over the last few years. Businesses are pouring billions of dollars and hundreds of hours into finding the best way to grab people’s attention. With the rapid digital boom and change in customer behaviour patterns, it is clear that age-old advertising tactics won’t do the trick anymore. Value-driven internet marketing services are crucial to meet the customers at the place where they spend most of their time – the internet. Digital marketing helps with:

Conserving time, money, and resources so that you can channel them towards other profitable growth strategies.


  • Acquire high ROI by targeting niche audience groups, promoting user engagement, and increasing conversion rates.

  • Create a sales funnel to generate consistent leads and optimise web traffic.

  • Keep an eye on your campaign performances and tweak them based on analytics and data.

  • Maintain brand reputation across various online channels.

According to the 2022 CMO Survey, businesses should spend anywhere between 6-14% of their gross budget on digital marketing to drive their growth. Considering this, an unmatched partnership between your business and a digital marketing service could mean a huge blow to your investments. AdJet Marketing aims to be a reliable and trusted internet marketing company that you can use to establish a competitive edge in the market. Our number one goal is to deliver measurable results because numbers speak louder than words. Partner with us today for holistic digital marketing solutions. 

What do we offer your business?

Stand out in the online marketplace and escalate your revenue growth

AdJet Marketing offers customised solutions to each business based on its goals. Revenue increases due to optimised conversion rates and increased client retention, and that’s where we focus our efforts. We commit to your brand’s success by supporting you with our digital marketing strategies every step of the way. Below are just some of our many offerings:

Data-driven digital marketing services 

Data research and analysis are crucial for a SWOT analysis of your brand to generate actionable insights and improve business decision-making. Understanding your weak points could help you channel your efforts in the right direction and optimise the effective delivery of your messages to your customers. 

Industry Leaders

AdJet Marketing hires only the best digital marketing professionals with extensive experience of over ten years in the industry. Our dedicated team is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations to develop timely strategies to increase your company’s visibility and presence in the market. Our expertise in SEO enables us to ensure that your growth rate results speak for themselves.

Custom digital marketing framework

We set up our digital marketing framework after comprehensively analysing your specific needs and requirements. We study your current strategies, online presence, and brand personality to set. This enables us to set Key Performance Indicators so that we can integrate consumer experience throughout the lifespan of your business and build relevant strategies.

Omnichannel personalization

Customers are flooded with messages from brands every moment of their waking hours, even when they are not necessarily aware of it. In this oversaturated market, what matters most is not what you say but how you say it. AdJet Marketing understands consumer analysis’s importance in developing personalised digital marketing strategies to drive your business forward. Personalised messages help build stronger brand loyalty and increase customer retention. 

Campaign monitoring and evaluation

It is not enough to strategize and implement marketing campaigns. They need to be evaluated on their performance every step of the way and tweaked or changed whenever necessary. At AdJet Marketing, we undertake regular evaluation and monitoring via Google Analytics to establish campaign metrics and determine the success of your strategies. 

Your brand’s success shouldn’t come at the cost of spending bucket loads on expensive digital marketing services. AdJet Marketing understands that customers are what drives the growth of any company, even our own. We design our services to meet your brand needs aligned with your financial capacity. 

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