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Medical Spa Website Design

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Website and Landing Page Design for Medspa's

Med Spa and Beauty website designs don’t have to be like brain surgery. As long as the most important elements are included you’ve got the foundation to convey your message and expand your design over time.

Do I need a Medspa Website?

Like many other things in life, if you can’t see it it may not exist. The same holds true for businesses that don’t have websites. In 2023 most people have become accustomed to locating the exact information that they need at the moment that they need it. The only way you could get faster would be embedding I chip into your mind to read your thoughts and instantly display the information on the inside of your contact lens. But we’re not there just yet.

Do I need a landing page for my Medspa?

Landing pages are an important tool in your med spa clinic arsenal. They play an important role especially when trying to book appointments and accepting traffic from channels that don’t allow brand names, treatment types and other phrases to be present on any website or landing page. For example, I could create a Google ads sometimes known as Google ad words campaign to any of the pages on this website. In most cases it would be perfectly fine. However, if on any of my pages contained any phrases terms or words surrounding stem cell treatments all of my ads would be instantly suspended. Here is Googles clarification to speculative experimental medical treatment policy.

There are two effective solutions to this problem. Solution one is to use a dedicated landing page that is clean of all of the restricted terms. Solution two would be to create a sub domain of your main site or a completely different domain which is a copy of your site but of course must be cleaned of all the restricted terms.

Reasons to use a landing page

  • To provide a region specific page experience. If your page text imagery in messaging is dedicated towards a med spa experience in Phoenix Arizona it will likely book appointments at a higher percentage rate than a standard homepage.
  • You will have the ability to customize offerings pricing and discounts based on almost any region or demographic.
  • You can provide a better user experience and receive higher page quality scores from Google ads and other paid channels.
  • You’ll also have the ability to create persona based messaging and imagery on your landing page. Disability will certainly convert at much higher rate.
  • Dedicated landing pages keep your new med spa potential visitors laser focussed on the actions you want them to take. With the absence of a menu or other before and Afters for visitors to get lost in.
Here are the most important elements to your Medical Spa Landing page.
  1. Clearly State your value proposition inside your header.
  2. Use a visual focus to clearly convey your purpose. This could be a large photograph a product shot or a video.
  3. Clearly state the features and benefits of your Medspa services. Try and focus more on the benefits.
  4. Present a single focussed call to action. 
  5. Make sure to include testimonials and other forms of social proof. Videos and images of your clients having wonderful experiences are solid Gold.
  6. Offer some sort of guarantee for satisfaction.
  7. Try to integrate some form of storytelling into your landing page. It could be a story of how your brand ownership management was built in the neighborhood. Or stories of your Med spa patients and how they’ve overcome insecurities with your treatments and wonderful help.
Follow these guidelines to get the most impact from paid advertising. Feel free to contact our Med Spa Marketing Website team for help with your own custom Medical Spa landing page or website.

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