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Med Spa Google Ads, Adwords

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Google Ads for Medical Spas

Google Ads also known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or Google Adwords for those familiar with Google Ads before 2010. Google Ads for Medical Spa’s are not as simple as as adding some keywords, ads and setting a budget. There are a few important considerations before hopping on the Google Ads train.

  1. Google does not allow any trademarked terms on any of your website pages or ad text.
  2. Google does not allow Speculative and Experimental Medical Treatment terms (Updated May 2021)
Let’s explore how your medical spa can be successful at finding new patients on Google Search without being dinged by penalties and suspensions.

Does my Medical Spa Need Google Ads?

Consider that each day many of your potential new patients are searching for “dermal fillers near me” or “laser hair removal Dallas” and “wrinkle injection specials”. There will be three chances for your Med Spa Marketing efforts to be seen in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

  • Google Ads (At the very top) are usually identified with the word Ad in from of the headline. There are typically there are 3-4 at the top and bottom of each page.
  • Local or Maps Results. These are mainly for Med Spas that are within 25 miles.
  • Organic search results. Typically 10 results per page for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile.
Answer: Yes, if you want to be front and center when your potential patients are searching for your service. You absolutely need to be showing your Medical Spa on Google Ads (top of search), Maps or Local SEO for Medspas (middle of search) and organic (main area of search) search where you would use the best medical spa SEO agency you can afford.

Can I Run My Own Med Spa Google Ads?

Yes! absolutely you can do all of your own competitor analysis, keyword mapping, traffic sculpting, negative keyword listing, conversion tracking, snippets, internal links and about 1000 other technically involved aspects.

Google wants all business owners to believe that running “Smart Campaigns” is as easy as putting in your medial spa website and letting AI do all of the hard work. While this is certainly one option, the best option is to find someone or a team that specializes in Medical Spa Google Ads to manage your Campaigns. 

Why Do I Need a Google Ads Manager?

It’s simple, a good Google Ads manager will pay for themselves 5x in the results you should achieve. Knowing what works and what doesn’t with Google Ads for Injections, fillers, Laser, chemical peels and other medical spa services is critical to getting results quickly without any wasted ad spend.

The second most important reason to use an experienced Medical Spa Google Ads Manager is intent. Yes, the “I” word. Here are the most important ways a great Ads Manager keeps your ads effective:

  • Avoids showing your ads to “Med Spa window shoppers”. Those just browsing for photo’s, DIY’s and discount facials.
  • Only showing ads to only those intent on using your services now.
  • Avoid wasted clicks from people in areas that you cannot service.
  • Targeting areas or zip codes that are proven to be successful in the past.


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