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Medical Spa Case Study 2023

Medical Spa Digital Marketing Case Study

The Challenge

A Medical Spa located in the North East contacted us to evaluate why after over a year and a half their site and brand was still not ranking for keywords.

We discovered the problem was that A. The website was built using a prebuilt theme and framework. Not all frameworks are made equally. This one in particular was making life for Google’s indexing bots very difficult. B. Even though there was some content it wasn’t saved or linked in any meaningful way. This made the experience for users more difficult and in turn Google, Bing & Yahoo ranked this Medical Spa beyond page 14 or not at all.

The Plan

Our plan to rescue this Med Spa organic search and drive new visitor appointments was simple.

  1. Re-design the current website to be A) Easy to navigate. B) Fast Load Times (-2sec). C) Reorganize all topics into clusters with strong topical connections. D) Add locally targeted content. E) Add original, informative and entertaining images and videos to increase dwell time. 
  2.  Create a GPlan outline for SEO & Content. Our Medical Spa GPlan is unique to AdJet. We combine your competitor’s analysis (keywords, traffic) that they rank for within your area with your service keywords and topic clusters. This gives us a roadmap for faster success.
  3. Must be HIPAA compiant.
med spa marketing owner

The Success

Similar to RN with years of experience in injections. We knew from 100’s of Medical spas before what actions were required for success. Here are the highlights of our 18-month campaign:

The Results

Monthly Appointments
+ 121 %
Monthly Visitors (330 - 4061)
+ 11 %
Keywords Ranked (117 - 2,126)
+ 12 %
Top 5 Keyword Rankings
+ 12 %

Results that speak growth

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