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Healthcare Radiology Case Study 2023

Healthcare Radiology Imaging Digital Marketing Case Study

The Results

Monthly Appointments
+ 150 %
Monthly Visitors (12 - 5,290)
+ 12 %
Keywords Ranked (117 - 2,126)
+ 12 %
Top 5 Keyword Rankings
+ 12 %
healthcare radiology imaging digital marketing case study

The Challenge

This multi-location Radiology Diagnostic Imaging company has developed a website but is frustrated with the lack of exposure to new patients searching online. 

The client’s goal was to increase appointments for their top 3 modalities. 

  1. Ultrasound
  2. X-Ray
  3. Bone Mineral Density Test
In addition, the company wanted to establish a “new clinic strategy”. This strategy would help each new clinic:
  • Quickly establish keyword positions (1-3) within it boundary or city
  • Reduce the time period to clinic break-even point
  • Control reviews online

The Solution

We developed a three-phase solution.

Phase 1 – Build

A. Rebuild the current site because the current site was built on an outdated framework that would not be able to sustain new (2022) software, caching requirements, and design requirements. 

B. Carefully place 301 Redirects from old pages to their new locations. As we improved the architecture of the site inevitably page titles and slugs will change. In order to preserve their value in search a 301 redirect is required.

C. Create a branded design to tie in all existing locations as well as additional phases of expansion within the brand.

D. Upgrade from their current shared hosting to AdJet High-Speed VPS Servers. This will provide lightning-fast page & form response for positive Google algorithm indexing and rankings.

Phase 2 – SEO (search engine optimization)

A thorough competitor analysis was paramount in developing our SEO plan. Nine competitor reports were created and associated with each clinic location. Once we knew which technical targets to aim for the rest of the on page work fell into place. Here is a brief list of the organic SEO items our team focused on:

  • All page titles/sub-titles including service pages lined up with our intent based keyword report. 
  • Each location page was optimized for it’s specific geographic location and service.
  • Close attention to be paid to intent based keywords such as “walk-in x ray near me” or “Ultrasound clinic near me” type keywords.
  • Topical silo construction for important site services and topics commonly searched for.
  • Careful attention to on page Interlinking and outbound linking to improve domain authority for each page. 

Phase 3 – Google Ads (PPC – pay per click)

Google ads are a great way of putting our client’s brand in front of potential new patient right at the moment that they are searching for it. Our team’s ability to insulate our client’s budget from unwanted impressions and clicks is pivotal. Our hallmark has always been to seek out intent at every search. While we ramp up our clients rankings in organic search, Google ads are a fantastic way of getting in front of intent patients without having to wait 6-12 months for organic rankings to begin showing.

  • Establish a Google campaign by leveraging per location keyword reports

Welcome aboard.

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healthcare radiology imaging digital marketing case study


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