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Are Google Ads the Right Choice For Your Business?

In the 21st century, every transaction, business, and communication is conducted through smart devices. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok)  plays a significant role in every individual’s life, and it became one of the primary means or sources of income for millions during the Covid-19 pandemic. In an era of this cyber world, the digital marketing tide in 2023 is high due to the competition between the several online business platforms we see on the internet today.

More than hoardings and posters, digital marketing and its components have become a significant part of the business world, as advertising through the internet is the most effective means of reaching an intended audience in 2023. More than 30 percent of advertising today is done through different digital marketing methods, as it rules the world of advertising as well as the economy in every manner. 

Thus, increased competition and diverse digital marketing methods can lead to poor quality advertising as it would create confusion amongst individuals as to what to choose and what is the best strategy for the growth of their business. Reports have shown that 45 percent of organizations don’t have a proper digital marketing strategy. It’s not only important that your business has a strategy beyond just which channel, Facebook Ads or Google Ads Marketing. It’s also paramount that you can measure each of your campaign’s effectiveness.

Conundrum between SEO and PPC

Search Engine Optimization is an efficient way to bring organic traffic to your site, but it is not a strategy that can be used when your market goals have to be met in a short span of time. This is because, through an SEO campaign, it would take a minimum of 4 to 6 months to see accurate results in the form of organic traffic. 

The past few years, specifically 2017 – 2023. Google Ads have increased in popularity. This is because, in this strategy, the business or the user is completely in control of the marketing scheme. It is cost-effective and once an ad campaign is launched, positive results of the same are procured within a short duration of time. 

But the combination of both Google Ads (PPC) and SEO can aid your business in depth in regards to understanding the market structure and help your business in attracting the targeted audience in a short period.


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What is the difference between Google Ads and PPC?

Google Ads vs PPC: Google Ads is a specific platform developed by Google that allows advertisers to display their advertisements in search results, on YouTube, and across various partner sites. PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a broader online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. While Google Ads is a PPC platform, not all PPC advertising occurs on Google Ads. There are other platforms like Bing Ads or Facebook Ads that also operate on the PPC model. In essence, Google Ads is a subset of the wider PPC advertising universe.

What is Google Ads or PPC?

The name itself gives a slight idea about this method of digital marketing. PPC is a search model that can procure instant results in terms of brand awareness and brand promotion. Thus the advertiser only pays after receiving the requisite number of views from the targeted audience based on how many times your ad receives a click-through.

Not just a random digital marketing method but a trendsetter or movement that has helped various business sectors grow. The strategic placement of of display ads makes PPC eye-catching to the intended visitors. The AdJet Marketing team has ample expertise in the industry, especially in the field of Google Ads Specialist; with our expertise and help, your business can be a market leader.

Google shopping ads

These ads appear in the top results of Google ads in a carousel format. These ads provide concise information about the specific product and its price on the main page with other required information such as star ratings, price drop percentage or cut-off, etc.
It also shows the same product from different company websites so that a proper analysis can be done without the cumbersome process of opening different websites. This method attracts the targeted customers to the website with a quick click on your product ad that appears on the main google page as per the search request.

Gmail sponsored ads

Notice regular emails with ad tags on the side of them? These are Gmail-sponsored promotion ads. These ads move directly into a person’s Gmail inbox as per the keywords used or the websites the individual has recently visited. Still, one of the best methods to reach right into Gmail inboxes. It's undeniable how underutilized Gmail-sponsored ads are. Kind of like you're the first person to fish an undiscovered lake.

In-stream ad

Another highly efficient and attractive way of advertising is in-stream ads. These ads appear between videos. They contain links that would take the viewer to the respective website. At times these ads might be skippable. Therefore, an ad must be attractive and worth watching for the audience because 63% of the individuals watch Youtube. Getting several such viewers would benefit a business in great numbers.

Remarketing ads

Remarketing ads are the best solution to bring customers back to your business website. When a customer visits your website and does not revert for any reason, ads can act as a reminder and automatically appear on the social media websites of the targeted customers. We at AdJet Marketing can provide you with this solution while ensuring the optimum quality.

Amazon ads

Are massive trade markets where various products are sold. Amazon PPC services are available for sellers who use that particular platform; Amazon PPC also has other facilities such as ads about booster sales and keyword bid sales where the highest bidder gets chosen for placement in the Amazon ads.

Local video ads

If you have a business offering local services such as plumbing, carpentry, or any other such business, these ads are apt and the best for its growth. Local service ads are an option for a few utility service businesses and would be shown on Google as per the search requests. It would have the zip code location, thus giving your local business many local leads.


Functions of PPC marketing campaign

The backbone of paid ads is relevant keywords or phrases. PPC ads work based on the keywords frequently used by consumers. Thus to earn a prominent spot for your ad, you have to use a keyword that is relevant to the services you offer and is looked up by your target audience most frequently.

To get the customers to visit your business, you should incorporate the keywords wisely and be the highest bidder in the market. But the highest bidder is not evaluated with the amount of money you can pay.  Google Ads marketing is an automated auction where the search engines analyze your relevance and the quality score points.

Since the bid to position was removed from Google Ads mid-2019. Freelancers and agencies alike have been up in arms. Google replaced bid to position with a complex percentage based on top bottom and absolute statistics. Five years later this new format still confuses even experienced Google Ad managers. Making sure that your organization has experienced ad managers can save you a lot of money and nearly guarantee you fantastic results.

Does PPC or Google Ads work for businesses?

Google Ads is a dominant and powerful marketing tool recommended for nearly every business. PPC marketing has its own merits that make it a standout marketing procedure from other methods. It is essential to know the qualities or merits of PPC before making a top-notch ad.

Quick entry

A fast entry of your position into the main field of competition, even if your business is new to the Google Ads Specialist method of advertising. Instead of other social media and digital marketing methods, where SEO optimization is a cumbersome process with too many steps and gradual movement to advertising, mainstream PPC allows you to advertise efficiently in a short span of time. Thus irrespective of whether the business is old or renowned, we are here to help you take the same to greater heights quickly.

Proper brand visibility

Through our PPC Ads advertising method, your brand visibility will be at its optimum level. At AdJet Marketing, our skilled and dedicated PPC specialist uses the required tools, thus making your ad appear in the targeted places on the internet. Using PPC, customers at times understand your marketing strategies which make your product or brand way more impressive and attractive to prospective customers.

Specific targets

The target audience is a significant factor in the advertising field. If a particular product is designed for a group of individuals, then the advertisements made for the same must be appealing to those target audiences in every creative manner. Google Ads ensure that your business reaches its targeted audiences by evaluating their search history and purchases online.

Total control

Observing the other attributes of Pay Per Click ads, we can see that ad creation through Google Ads Agency is a method that is in the control of the client or the customer. From choosing the keywords, target audience, placement of the ad, and deciding on the cost to be put forth, everything revolves around the customer. If a person is well versed in the technical side of functionality, the same can also be modified according to the customer's wishes and goals about his business.

Speedy results

PPC is unique in a way because of its speedy results. After completion of the process with proper strategic planning and placing the ad on internet platforms, should yield results overnight. Even though the initial 3 to 4 months are considered to be a part of the testing period, the results most of the time are positive, leading to the growth of your business venture.

Seasonal Campaign Promotions

PPC ads are also a cost-effective option compared to other digital marketing advertising methods. When other methods can be costly, Google Ads commonly offers a $500 coupon to be used on your first Google Ads campaign. This is only available to new accounts.

Compatible with other marketing channels

Today there are various online platforms, from Instagram to Youtube and many more, and all these utilize PPC services. Therefore using the PPC advertising method, you can expand your advertising audience or language across the globe which can help in the growth of your business.

Accurate tracking

In certain digital media marketing processes, it is tough to guess or understand the viewership and growth that has arisen due to a particular advertisement. But say no more as PPC helps you to understand and track data and analyse the same as Google Analytics offers an automated system which works along with PPC or Google Ads; thus, you can evaluate your performance with your creative ads.

Total customisation

At AdJet Marketing, PPC customization is an option available for clients. Digital marketing with different advertising methods leads to vast competition. But PPC's option of customization will help you stand out from other competitors. Access to an immense amount of data such as keywords, specific audiences, and other platforms allows for the optimization of your ad.

A brief word about SEM

SEM is part of a complete strategy that has been highly used in the past few years to increase brand visibility for various businesses. The algorithms are used in SEM in such a way that it optimizes and provides relevant answers to customers’ searches according to the person’s preferences and locations.

Can AdJet Marketing be your one stop solution?

To procure the best ad through the digital marketing method of Google Ads requires a lot of detailing and a systematic strategy with maximum accuracy. The team at AdJet Marketing, with a good amount of experience and high-quality professionalism, can give you the hallmark ad for setting your business at high standards.

These are certain points that help AdJet Marketing stand out from other digital marketing and advertising service providers and thus can be the solution for your conundrum of choosing between the best companies for putting out a hallmark ad for your product, goods, or services.

Proper expert guidance

We at AdJet Marketing have professionally qualified experts for digital marketing and advertising with ample industry experience who can guide and help you vastly with Google Ads. We can help you put together a strategy for attracting your target audience.

A quality strategy that gives the best results

The Google Ads method of advertising is essential for proper strategic skills. Planning the ad structure, placing it, and implementing it along with Search Engine Optimization requires a proper strategy that has to be implemented in a systematic manner. AdJet Marketing is considered to be a pro at strategic planning and execution, curating quality PPC ads that are extremely beneficial for business development.

Customer-focused PPC

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. AdJet Marketing focuses on a ‘customer is king’ approach. That is, we try to grasp and understand the client's idea, listen to their inputs and understanding of digital marketing and give out quality products according to their needs to ensure ultimate satisfaction

Dedicated specialist

AdJet Marketing defines its quality with only the best crew. We have dedicated specialists at every level of the process of making an ad with ample industry experience and quality standards to meet your goals of posting the perfect ad for your valuable business.

Detailed reporting

The quality mentioned must be executed with ample proof. We have a professional system of detailed and systematic reporting at every step of the way to make sure you post a great ad on the internet.

Multi-location Google Ads

If your business is based in multiple locations or Franchise Marketing and for a diverse base of audience, do not worry. We are here to serve you as our PPC management firms can target a wider demographic with your ad.

Comprehensive PPC audit

The PPC management team at AdJet Marketing ensures that your target or goals are accurately met. Highly skilled auditors check the whole process and strategy of PPC advertising in-depth and also evaluate the performance indicators, remarketing techniques, and account structure.

Pay Per Click is always a better investment for your business

  • Different studies and reports have shown how PPC has facilitated many people in the growth of their businesses. Pay Per Click ads have increased the traffic of a website as it has been observed over the past years that customers approach or directly enter a website by clicking these Pay Per Click ads. 
  • Around 70 percent of the business sector is investing in Pay Per Click ads because, in this fast-paced world where everything from morning coffee to buying a luxury apartment can be done within minutes, the business market must approach and grasp the targeted audience quickly. 
  • As online shoppers worldwide increase minute by minute, it simultaneously increases competition. Do not wait for a perfect moment as every fleeting moment is crucial in the digital world. AdJet Marketing can help you with the best PPC marketing strategy; if you choose to avail of our services, you can rest assured that your investment is in the right hands. 

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