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Boosted Posts vs. Paid Ads: A Guide to Meta Facebook Ads Mastery in 2024.

Where social media reigns supreme, businesses often find themselves at a crossroads: to boost or not to boost? That is the question. Imagine you’re a business owner, and your Medspa social media marketing presence is like a bustling marketplace. You’ve been attracting followers for years, and your audience is now in the thousands. Yet, perplexingly, your posts only seem to engage a few hundred. Why is this happening?

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The Algorithm Enigma: Decoding Social Media Reach

Here’s a startling fact: despite having thousands of followers, your posts might only reach a fraction of them due to the intricate algorithms of social media platforms. For instance, according to Hootsuite, an average Facebook post reaches only about 5.5% of page followers. This reveals a harsh truth: no matter how stellar your content is, it’s unlikely to reach its full potential organically.

The Duel: Boosted Posts Vs. Facebook Ads

As you ponder over the decision between boosted posts and Facebook ads, let’s dissect the two.

Boosted Posts: Amplifying Your Voice A boosted post is like putting a megaphone to your message on your timeline, projecting it to a broader audience for a fee. Simple and straightforward, these posts are great for enhancing visibility and engagement. However, they do come with limitations in audience targeting and customization.

Facebook Ads: The Strategic Play In contrast, Facebook ads are crafted in the Ads Manager, offering a playground of customization options. These ads allow for precise targeting and creative freedom, making them ideal for specific marketing objectives. They can be pricier and require more know-how, but the potential payoff in audience engagement and conversion is significant.

The Strategy: Choosing Your Path

Your choice between boosted posts and Facebook ads should align with your business goals.

When to Boost:

  • Aim for broader brand exposure.
  • Enhance engagement on already popular posts.
  • Promote events or special offers.
  • Ideal for stories that resonate, like a customer’s success tale.

For instance, if a post about a customer’s success with your product is gaining traction, boosting it could introduce your brand to potential customers who haven’t discovered you yet.

When to Advertise:

  • Drive specific actions like store visits or online purchases.
  • Target custom audiences similar to your existing customer base.
  • Suitable for significant announcements like a new store opening or an online expansion.

Facebook ads are the way to go when your goal is not just to inform but to convert.

Mastering the Art of Ad Boosting

Both boosted posts and Facebook ads serve pivotal roles in a well-rounded marketing strategy. The key lies in understanding your objectives and leveraging each tool’s strengths to maximize your return on investment. In this ever-evolving digital marketplace, the savvy use of social media can be a game-changer for your business’s visibility and growth.

First up, let’s talk about boosting a post. Imagine you’ve got this cool post on your page. You think, “Hey, more people should see this!” That’s where boosting comes in. You throw in some cash, select who you want to see it, and bam – your post gets the VIP treatment, showing up to more folks on Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram. But remember, boosted posts are like the basic package – they don’t have all the fancy bells and whistles that you get with full-blown Meta ads.

Boosting a post is pretty straightforward. You pick your audience (who gets to see your masterpiece), set a budget (how much you’re willing to spend), and decide how long you want it to run. Once you hit “Boost,” and it gets the green light, your post starts its journey to fame.

Now, let’s switch gears to Meta ads. Think of these as the deluxe version of boosting a post. Created through Meta Ads Manager, these ads are like a playground for your creativity and business goals. Want more people installing your app, buying from your shop, or just hanging out on your website? Meta ads have got your back. They can show up all over the place – from Facebook feeds to Messenger chats, Instagram stories, and even on other websites and apps through the Meta Audience Network.

With Meta ads, you can:

  • Pick different places to show your ad, like in Instagram Stories or next to Facebook articles.
  • Choose specific goals for your ad, like getting more leads or promoting your app.
  • Get creative! Design carousel ads, add snazzy descriptions, and throw in a call-to-action button to nudge your audience to do something.
  • Target your ad like a pro, using fancy tools to find the perfect audience.

So, when do you choose Meta ads over a simple boost? It all comes down to your endgame. If you’re looking to get more eyes on your page or boost your brand’s popularity, boosting a post is a great start. But if you’re aiming for the stars with more complex campaigns and goals, Meta ads are your rocket ship.

Remember, even if you’re just boosting an existing post, you can always start fresh. Create a new post, and instead of hitting “Publish,” go for “Boost.” It’s your journey – choose your own adventure!

Felix Shaye, director of AdJet Marketing in Dallas, Tx.


Felix Shaye

Director of AdJet Marketing Dallas.

Felix Shaye is a Google Certified Expert and Google Partner with over 25 years of SEO, digital marketing, and full-stack computer science experience.

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