Basis Marketing Conversion Rate
Click-through Rate
What is it?

Marketing conversion rate is used to understand what percentage of users complete the desired action. For example, how many users who see the “follow us” button on your website actually click the button? As mentioned above, there are many metrics through which you can check your conversion rate.
Click-through rate is the percentage of clicks your advertisement receives. For example, if your advertisement is shown 50 times and it is clicked only once, then the click-through rate is 2%. Click-through rate is a type of conversion rate. Therefore, there are no other sub-metrics in this category.
What do you use it for?
The aim of conversion rate is to check the success of a page or content at convincing the user to take the action. This can be any type of action including following social media accounts, making purchases, sharing the business profile, etc.The aim of click-through rate is to determine the success of your campaign at generating clicks. Click-through rate is specifically used for links that redirect users to business websites, social media and other platforms.
How do you calculate it?[Total number of completed goals / total number of website visitors] x 100[Total number of clicks / total number of impressions (or views)] x 100.